San Sant'Antimo - a large church in Tuscany, Italy

Does Tuscany have the Coronavirus?

Tuscany is not currently classified as an area at risk.

The number of identified cases in Tuscany are very few. All patients are in a good, stable health condition and have been isolated according to procedure.

Italy adopted exceptional controls and measures at the beginning of the outbreak in China. They are tracing cases extremely quickly, efficiently and precisely.

Should you take a holiday in Tuscany at this time?

Tuscany is not currently classed as a risk area, so there is no reason not to travel there.

Cleanliness is their top priority

Tuscany has adopted actions and measures specifically geared towards prevention. Daily disinfection of regional trains and all local public transport has been intensified. Tuscany’s airports, and public spaces are being sanitised on a regular basis with handwash dispensers are available in all terminals.

Ports, airports, stations and motorways are open and operate as normal. Travel into and out of Tuscany is no different than normal. The Ministry of Health initiated (07 February 2020), and continue, a policy of body temperature checks for all passengers arriving into Italy.

Tuscany and Italy have one of the most efficient healthcare systems in the world. Tuscany guarantees visitors from abroad the same assistance that it offers to its own people.

All tourist attractions in Tuscany are open as normal.

Should I cancel my trip to Tuscany?

Tuscany is not currently classed as a risk area, so there is no reason to cancel your holiday.

If, however, you do decide to cancel your trip to Tuscany, our normal cancellation policy will apply. 

We recommend that you contact us first for the latest information. You should also check the cancellation conditions in your travel insurance policy.

How can I stay updated as the situation develops?

Tuscany Region has activated a special section on its website where you can find all information and updates, from health ordinances to logistical changes: Regione Toscana Coronavirus updates

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