Multi-Generational Holidays in Puerto Pollensa, Mallorca

1. What are the Multi-Generational Holidays?

Nowadays many families spend little time together. Three-generation or 3-G holidays are a good option to change this. Grandparents, parents and children can spend a holiday together and make up for what they miss during the year.

Families choose 3-G for various reasons. They might just want to spend time together or they wish to celebrate a special occasion.

Benefits are numerous.
  • Grandparents can get to know their grandchildren better.
  • Distant family members can enjoy the quality time together.
  • Parents can have a break from the day-to-day routine of looking after the kids.
  • Shared holidays can also help to reduce holiday costs, particularly if you choose self-catering and share a villa or apartment.

2. Why should you choose Puerto Pollensa, Mallorca?

First, visitors to Pollensa and Puerto Pollensa, Mallorca can choose from a great selection of accommodations.
From our own experience, these trips work best if you rent a villa. You should rent a villa because:

  • You will enjoy the comfort of the villa just for yourselves.
  • Parents or grandparents will have space for themselves.
  • Kids will have enough space to play.
  • You can easily find the best sun lounger.
  • You can dine when you want to.
  • You can plan activities to suit your schedule.
  • Nobody will disturb you in your leisure time.

Equally important, choose a villa :
  • with restaurants and supermarkets nearby.
  • with plenty of outdoor space for mealtimes and leisure.
  • with en-suite or multiple bathrooms

Otherwise, you can check in at a hotel. In that case, you use traditional services and you will not have to take care of anything.
Port de Pollensa is one of the best multigenerational holiday destinations. It offers a wide choice of large apartments and villas:
  • Seaside houses.
  • Rural hideaways with a private swimming pool.
  • Town centre dwellings.
  • Near supermarkets, fabulous restaurants and shops.
  • Villas with en-suite or multiple bathrooms

Peter Kirk shares with us his own experience. He stayed with his family on multi-generational holiday in Puerto Pollensa, Mallorca:

Let me introduce the resorts of Puerto Pollensa and Cala San Vicente.

My family and I enjoy a multi-generation holiday on the Island of Mallorca twice a year. We are six people - two seniors, two adults and two children.

We choose the resorts of Puerto Pollensa and Cala San Vicente, which are located in the north of the Island of Mallorca because they cater for families and couples. We usually take an apartment or a villa, which give us three bedrooms so we can all have our own space.

The resort of Puerto Pollensa straddles a beautiful bay with a gorgeous sandy beach and a mountainous backdrop. There is just one large hotel, an abundance of smaller hotels and a good selection of apartments and villas.

The resort is blessed with lots of small shops, cafes and restaurants to suit all tastes, but the good thing for families is there are no noisy nightclubs or late-night music bars to disturb the children at night.

We have been holidaying in Puerto Pollensa for several years. Before that, my wife and I stayed in hotels within the resort for many years. Our favourite is the Hotel Illa d'Or, which is located in the famous Pinewalk.

For an even quieter location, choose the resort of Cala San Vicente just a 20-minute drive from Puerto Pollensa. Cala San Vicente has two beautiful bays surrounded by mountains. Accommodation is mainly villas and apartments, but there are three or four established hotels.

My family and I often take the car and drive to Cala San Vicente. We enjoy the beach and take lunch at a favourite restaurant Pepe’s Bar. Outside the resorts, you can stay in attractive villas with private pools in the countryside for a quieter lifestyle. My family chose one of those villas last October for our own holiday.

Getting to both resorts from Palma airport by taxi, shuttle or hire car takes around 55 minutes. We find a self-drive car useful particularly if you choose a villa in the countryside and we use it for visiting other locations on the island.

3. Car Hire in Puerto Pollensa, Mallorca

We have been on several of our own multi-generational holidays in Majorca before. Thus, to avoid the pitfalls and relieve unwanted stress, ask us to help you:
  • Choose excellent quality cars for hire in Mallorca.
  • Choose the right-sized vehicle for you and your luggage.
  • Avoid hidden charges or inconveniences at the airport.

4. Be Careful About Choosing Your Flight to your Multi-Generational Holiday in Puerto Pollensa, Mallorca

We will help you choose the best available flight times to Palma de Mallorca airport and an airline that:cares about you your luggage and your travel arrangements.

don’t have hidden extras.

Cheap and cheerful is rarely the best.

5. Thinking of a memorable holiday Multi-Generational Holiday in Puerto Pollensa, Mallorca with your family?

With these incredible ideas, Granny and Grandpa will enjoy their time away just as much as the junior members of the family. If anything catches your eye or you would like more help, contact one of our specialists to start planning your family escape.

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