The Filming Locations Featured in The BBC TV Series, ‘The Mallorca Files’

People who love feel-good police drama series can’t keep calm, thanks to the recent release of ‘The Mallorca Files’ late last year. The fun show which is aired on BBC features two detectives, Miranda Blake, a British and Max Winter, a German as the main characters. Although the two are polar opposites, it’s very fascinating to see how their mismatched crime-fighting partnership culminates to great results. If you watch this light-hearted series, you’ll see beautiful and unique scenes that might leave you wondering, “What are The Mallorca Files filming locations?”

Well, the name itself (The Mallorca File) gives you an idea that the film might have been filmed in Mallorca. If this is your guess, then you are right. The series was actually shot in Mallorca Island, which is also known as Majorca Island. It is one of the Spanish Mediterranean Balearic Islands. Popular for alluring beach resorts and limestone mountains, among other intriguing natural and human-made landmarks and attractions, the island gives The Mallorca Files an incredible splendor. 

Possibly you are now asking, “Where in Majorca is The Mallorca Files BBC TV programme filmed?” On that note, let’s have a look at all the locations in Majorca from where the series scenes were drawn. These filming locations include:

1. Palma de Mallorca Airport

Palma de Mallorca Airport is where the opening chase scenes of the series’ initial episode were filmed. It’s where DC Blake is seen escorting a star witness who’s heading to the UK.

2. Ses Cases del Virrey

Some scenes of the series’ first episode were shot at a hotel located in the vicinity of Inca’s central town, and this hotel is called Ses Cases del Virrey. The 4-star hotel features classic décor and an array of modern facilities. Better still, in its surroundings, lies a beautiful exotic garden. You can have a snippet view of some of those from the first episode of the show.

3. Felanitx

The scenes in “Death in The Morning,” a bullfighting episode in the series, were shot at Felanitx, a beautiful town situated on a hill. From the episode, you’ll see Julian Looman and Elen Rhys, the two major protagonists of the film, being in a convertible car. As the symbolic meaning of the episode might suggest, filming scenes at this old town was quite frustrating to the cast members, as the heavy downpour washed out the set outdoor dance sequence.

Being an old town, Felanitx has many outstanding historic buildings such as San Salvador, Castell de Santuri and the church of San Miguel. Also, there are beautiful vineyards in its surroundings.

4. Soller Railway

The filming of “Number One Fan,” the fourth episode of The Mallorca Files’ was done on the Soller Railway. From the scenes taken from this place in the series, we see Max and Miranda trying to investigate how a top German model could have gone missing from a moving train. The train featured in the scene is actually a real Soller train. The railway, which was built in 1912, has old-fashioned trains that ferry local people and tourists through the mountains, allowing them to enjoy the glamorous views of the mountainous landscape.

5. Central Mallorca’s vineyard

The fifth episode of the crime drama series shows Miranda and Max going to a wine region to probe how a dog was killed at one of the key vineyards of Mallorca, and the person(s) responsible. The filming of the scenes took place in Central Mallorca’s vineyard. Particularly, the vineyard scenes actually took place between Bodegas Oliver Morgagues winery and Bodegas Ribas winery. It’s a place that will create you beautiful life-time memories if you visit it.

6. Posh Villas in Mallorca

There are various scenes showing luxury villas in the series. All these villas are actually located in different places in Mallorca. One of them is Clara Blava, which is nestled in the eastern part of Palma Bay. We see the friends and relatives of the “murdered person” gathering in this state-of-the-art-designed villa. The villa appearing in the sixth episode, “To Kill a Snag,” is Sol de Mallorca, which is found in the southern area of Magaluf. It’s a breathtaking residential property too.

7. Sa Calobra (the Knot)

In the second episode titled “King of the Mountain”, Max and Miranda are competing in a cycling race. We see them cycling along a very beautiful road, which is Sa Calobra (also called The Knot or The Tie Knot), in reality. Stretching 13 kilometers, The Sa Calobra is among the most scenic roads in not only Europe but also worldwide.

Meandering through the mountainous north of Majorca, the road features Nus de Sa Calobra, a 360-degree curve, and this is where the name “Knot” stems from. Another interesting thing about this road is that it was built manually about 90 years ago, without involving any machine whatsoever.

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